His relationship with art begins during his childhood making ceramic pieces. He enjoys his architectural studies and specializes in Form and Communication at the UB -Universidad de Belgrano-, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She graduated as an architect, and simultaneously studied several painting techniques, such as watercolor. During this stage, his work includes landscapes and abstract compositions. Consider the "POINT" as the source element: it shapes the line and transforms it into a powerful resource. It carries out numerous courses, workshops and workshops in which it consolidates the use of Chinese ink, watercolor, graphite and other drawing and painting techniques, which strengthen and diversify its production. In volume, Ana Steinnekker performs masks, three-dimensional compositions, heads, games, and human figure for exterior and interior. Later he comes to oil and acrylic, which he applies in still lifes, models and collages. Years later, the artist works with metals: silver designs, metal pairing, and unconventional materials such as paper, candy, acrylic and wood. He also draws superimposed stories and stories with no end, always true to the value of the point as a constructive resource. In his work, Steinnekker captures the eternal personal search. There are stairs that go to different places or none in particular, girls who fall into the gaps of huge old stairs, imaginary spaces. He likes to travel, and he does it frequently, which gives him the opportunity to visit different places, learn about cultures, art and get in touch with other views of the world. The form, composition, design, color, line and the search for new materials fascinate this artist. In his work there are elements that are unthinkable in the traditional canvas, which for the viewer turns out to be a fascinating game.